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  • Patient from Cameroon – Mr Anatole


    I am Anatole from Yaounde, Cameroun. I travelled to India along with my wife, Gisele who was suffering from enlarged thyroid disease suspected to cancer. We were told about Shifaa Healthcare Consultant to travel to India under their guidelines and also advised to undergo the treatment by their empanelled hospitals. Shifaa Healthcare team helped us in free second medical opinion and the expected cost during our journey in India. They assisted us in Medical Visa procurement and flight management alongside postoperative care. We travelled to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Nagpur as our domestic connected flight was already booked by Shifaa healthcare team. On the day of arrival as it was the National Holiday we were counseled by the team of doctors and the next day all the investigations were done. Within 3 days of Arrival, after receiving all the investigation we were planned for Hemi-thyroidectomy surgery and it was successfully done. My wife start eating next day and she was treated and pampered very well. We were offered free dental and eye consultation and it was so nice. We were also taken to the beautiful temple and tiger sanctuary. It was amazing experience. I will recommend my other Cameroonian borthers and sisters, if you are having any health issues and looking for the overseas treatment then Shifaa Healthcare Team is the best in the world.

    You people are amazing and I will visit once again to meet you people along with my family members.

    Mr Anatole, Cameroon.

  • Patient from Cameroon – Donald Kamdem

    Good day everyone , this is Donald from Cameroon. I am here in Nagpur, India for my complicated eye surgery which was not possible to do locally in Cameroon. I am highly surprised with the quality of healthcare work and the cooperation of doctors and facilitator's team. I traveled from Cameroon to India and it was my complete 1 month medical journey wherein I was operated for my left eye wherein I underwent 3 major surgeries in single sitting for cataract+PPv+Ahmed valve implant to protect my eyes from further damage and its vision. I am being followed up very well and I am enjoying the day here at guest house. sometimes I feel they have served me like a President from the Cameroon. I am very very happy with the skills of the surgeon and its entire team and Suraj Hospital with the cooperation of Shifaa Healthcare Consultant. This team is amazing. They understand what your heart says and minds demand without saying a single word. of need.
    Wish you a very good luck people. I will cherish all the memory I am taking back from here. I enjoyed the best moment of my life as this journey was like a hidden treasure for me.

    Thanks you very much.
    Donald Kamdem, Cameroon.

  • Patient from Cameroun – Priscille

    Patient from Cameroun – Priscille

    Hi everyone, this is Priscille from Cameroun. I visited India for my surgical management of huge fibroids at multiple locations. I wanted to go to India for better healthcare management and also because of the severity of my case; however, I had no idea which hospital I should go and which city is better for my treatment. I am thankful for the Shifaa Team and their entire staff for guiding me and taking care of my medical case right from the beginning till I reached back my country. I shared my case details with the International Patient Coordinator of Shifaa. They opined the line of treatment along with my total cost for the treatment encompasing flight cost, visa fee and postoperative accommodation for followups. I was amazed to know the difference of total cost in comparison of USA, UK, SINGAPORE and TURKEY. I was reluctant at first, but thanks to the Shifaa team, they handled everything so swift and easy, it felt like a dream to me. I am glad that I found Shifaa at the right time.

    I am thankful for every single doctor, nurse and all the members of Shifaa Healthcare Team for managing my medical case so brilliantly. I wish you all the best and good luck for future.

    Best Compliments,
    Priscille, Cameroun.

  • Patient from Sudan – Mr Alhaj Mohammed

    Patient from Sudan – Mr Alhaj Mohammed Assalamu’ alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatahu

    My name is Alhaj Mohammed and I came to India for the treatment of my Daughter, Ms Aya Alhaj Mohammed along with my wife. We contacted to Shifaa Healthcare Consultants for seeking the Bone Marrow Transplant Treatment in India for my daughter who was suffering from Aplastic Anemia. We have been advised about few best options who give the best treatment at affordable price. We were advised with the best medical opinion along with treatment cost and length of stay in India. Shifaa Healthcare Consultants assisted us in Medical Visa procurement process along with online application form filling. We secured medical visa and booked our flights to reach India. We were well received at the Airport and accommodated to a good hotel nearby the Hospital. As there were holiday and the condition of my daughter was not good so our International Patient Coordinator from Shifaa Healthcare Consultants directly admitted my daughter in an emergency for her better cure. The treatment is going on well and we are happy with the service of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants.

    I and my wife are happy with the facilitation and management work done by Shifaa Healthcare Consultants. We would like to thank you for all the team member of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants, may Allah bless them with more success.

    Best Compliments,
    Mr Alhaj Mohammed, Sudan.

  • Patient From DRCongo - Mr. Jadhoul Nkongolo

    Patient From DRCongo - Mr. Jadhoul Nkongolo

    Hi, this is Jadhoul Nkongolo from DRC, Kinshasa. I came to India for my squint eye surgery with the cooperation of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants.

    The treatment is done under the Sr Ophthalmolgist Surgeon at Anjani Eye Hospital. The treatment went successfully. I am completely surprised with the result of my surgery. The doctors are good, the staffs are good. It was never possible without the cooperation of Shifaa Healthcare Staff. I was not only facilitated well during my journey to India but also they assisted me in procurement of Medical Visa from the embassy and proper guideline.

    I congratulate to all the staffs of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants for their great work. May God bless you with more success in near future.

    Best Compliments
    Jadhoul Nkongolo, DRCongo

  • Patient From Kenya - Mrs. Owako

    Patient From Kenya - Mrs. Owako Hello, My name is Jeremiah Owako and my wife name is Henriette Owako. We are from Mombasa, Kenya. We got in touch with Geoffery who linked us with Shifaa Healthcare Consultants in India. We came to India for the cosmetic surgery or my wife Owako under the guidelines of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants. The whole journey was great without any hassles. We were received at the airport and directly shifted to Pioneer Hospital, Nagpur where the surgery was performed by Dr Ilyas. Dr Ilyas is really good at his skills as a cosmetic/plastic surgeon in Central India.
    The sightseeing has been done and all the management was perfect. The Pioneer hospital was not a hospital for us. We felt it like our home. The surgery gave the results more than we expected. The whole tour was perfect and memorable however it could have never been possible without the support of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants. We would recommend all our brothers and sisters who are looking forward for the best and economical treatment in India. We congratulate to all the staff members of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants, especially Mr Khan who made it possible.

    Jeremiah Owako, Kenya

  • Patient From Uganda - Mr. Steven Sikuku

    Patient From Uganda - Mr. Steven Sikuku Hi, My name is Steven Sikuku. I am from Uganda. I came to India for my chemotherapy embolization treatment under the care of Shifaa Healthcare Consultants. The treatment was good at Kovai Hospital. We have been received at the airport and accommodated to the hotel. The next day consultation took place and we have been hospitalized at the hospital. The investigation went well and the treatment was done accordingly. It was great work done by Shifaa Healthcare. We are obliged to thank you for all your medical facilitation and management. We wish you all the very best for near future.

    Steven Sikuku, Uganda

  • Patient From Nigeria - Mr. Johnson