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Stem Cell Transplantation

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Latest advancement in the field of science and medical treatments has been the introduction of Stem Cell Therapy. This is a therapy in which the adult cells are harvested from the person’s body and transplanted to the damaged part. The stem cells are fast growing cells and have the ability to cure any disease in the person’s body. These cells have the capacity of growing and take shape of any part or organ of our body. These cells are produced in huge quantity in our body. If the body is healthy and disease has not infected entire body the stem cell can be harvested from the person’s body directly. After these cells are harvested they are transplanted to the damaged part of body. Stem cells grow and heal the damaged part of the patient’s body. Stem cell treatment depends on bone-marrow for harvesting stem cell. Harvesting bone marrow can be done through same patient or from the donor. These tissues can be harvested from the same patient is the disease is not spread in complete body. The stem cells can be extracted only from the healthy body. In case if the stem cell cannot be extracted from the same person’s body they are extracted from the other person’s body. Before extracting it from the other person some tests are conducted to ensure the compatibility test. Stem cell therapy for cancer treatment is more preferred nowadays. Stem cell treatment in India and all the other countries are still working to search its further utilization. In some care if the bone marrow is not available from some other person’s body ‘Embryo’. A clone of patient’s genetic code is created in laboratory. This is done by evacuating the nucleolus from the cytoplasm of the adult skin cell of patient’s body and from the human egg cell. The nucleolus from the adult skin cell in inserted in the cytoplasm of the human egg cell. This new egg starts developing and an embryo is obtained. These cells have the same genetic code as the patient’s body. This group of cells can be called as stem cell. These are now ready to be used for treatment. The required cells are inserted in the patient’s body and the left over embryo is destroyed. Stem Cell Therapy is used commonly for: • Hair Transplant • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery • Oncology • Bone Marrow Transplant Why Shifaa Healthcare for Stem Cell Therapy? Shifaa Healthcare is linked with hospitals and surgeons known for stem cell therapy in India. These hospitals are equipped with special equipment required during this surgery. We take care of your diet and exercise during Stem Cell Therapy process and also make sure that you get required guidance from surgeons to prevent any complication is future.

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