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Are you aware of the term Oncology? Oncology is a medical science that deals with cancer. The specialist dealing with this branch of medical science is known as Oncologist. Now the question arises what is a cancer? Cancer can be classified as the abnormal growth of cells in body. Symptoms of cancer can be different for cancer related to different parts of body. Normally body has control over the growth of cells of each body part. The situation in which the cell has lost its control over dividing ability of its own is known as cancer. The division of cell is guided by the nucleus present inside cell. Normally when this nucleus is damaged it repairs itself or commands the cell to die. If anything goes wrong in this process the nucleus is not able to command cell to die and the cell keep on multiplying and creating the replica of itself. Oncology treatment in India is dealt by the surgeons after research and investigation. Cancer is not homogeneous as it is a Constellation of 200 diseases. The cancer in one patient can differ from other with 3 to 5 slight differences. This is why progress in oncology field id so rapid and frequent. As this tumor of cancer develops and enlarges it develops its own blood supply. As this is a very fast growing group of cells is and they do not stick to each other as the normal cells of our body do they can spread from one part to other. These cells can flow from one organ to other through blood vessels or lymphatic system and form another tumor. This is the major reason why there are chances of cancer coming back. Oncology treatment options are radiation and chemotherapy. In oncology surgery procedures method the tumor is cut off and removed from the body. In this method it is difficult to remove all the damaged cells from body. Radiation therapy is passing the radiation through the skin to kill the cancer cells. The normal side effects of this treatment are fatigue, some dark patches on skin like sun tan, infertility and damage to other areas. Again a limitation of this therapy is the radiation raise cannot be given to complete body. The third method is chemotherapy therapy. This is passing of drugs in the body to kill the cancer cells. The major side effect of this therapy is to the drug targets the fast growing cells. This drug cannot distinguish between the cancer fast growing cells and the normal fast growing sells. Therefore it damages the normal fast growing cells of the body like hair, nails and bone marrow. The most common cancers are women breast cancer, men prostate cancer and in both men and women lung cancer. Every treatment has its own limitations. But the there is no limitation for the growth of cancer cells. In such cases oncology palliative care support the treatment. Why prefer us for Oncology treatment? Shifaa Healthcare are linked with hospitals and surgeons known for Oncology treatment. These hospitals are equipped with special Ultrasonic equipment required during treatment. We take care of your diet and exercise required during Oncology treatment. Cancer treatment in India is carried with care and love so that fighting with the monster becomes easy.

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