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Neurology / Brain Surgery

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The term ‘Brain Surgery’ refers to various medical procedure that involves repairing of any problems with brain. Brain surgery is a way of treatment to cure problem in brain and nearby area. Surgeon would make a surgical cut on the scalp to reach the problem area. Cut can defer form person to person because cut area would depend on the location of the problem. Prior to surgery the doctor would shave the scalp area where cut is required. Surgeons can create a small cavity and insert a tube with a camera placed at the one end of the tube. This process of creating a cavity and inserting the camera is known as ‘Endoscope’. During surgery surgeons can: 1) Clip off the excessive localized swelling of blood vessel (Aneurysm). This can cause blood flow if not cured on time. Aneurysm occurring in the blood vessel is known as ‘Cerebral Aneurysm’. 2) Removing a tumor. A tumor is an abnormal growth of cells that starts developing in brain. This can start directly from membranes around brain, nerves or gland. Tumor can destroy brain cells. 3) Removing abnormal brain tissues. 4) Drain blood of infection in brain. 5) Make nerves free. 6) If protective tissues are damaged. 7) Damage to nerves. 8) Pressure after any injury. 9) Fracture in skull. 10) Infections in any part of brain. There are numerous types of brain surgeries, the type can differ depending on the position of the location and condition of the patient. Brain surgery is a very type of surgery because brain is the most critical part of human body. Types of risk involved with brain surgery are as follows: 1) Reactiondue to anesthesia. 2) Internal bleeding in brain. 3) Blood clot being developed. 4) Swelling in internal parts of brain. 5) Patient going in coma. 6) impaired speech, vision, coordination, or balance 7) infection 8) memory problems 9) seizures 10) stroke Preparing for the brain surgery can require lots of mental preparation of patient. Surgeons would provide a complete set of instruction to patient before surgery. Patient needs to inform Surgeons about any medical disability. If patient has undergone any surgery before, surgery not necessary be related to brain but should be informed to doctor. Any medicines consumed on regular bases should be informed. Most probably surgeons would suggest avoiding some medication before few days of brain surgery.

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