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Cosmetic Surgery

Shifaa Healthcare

Previously aesthetics were not given the importances that are given today. The figure conscious population made cosmetic surgery a very well-known phenomenon. Nowadays, the greed of perfect body makes people to get under knife to achieve the perfect pout unlike in older days when such surgeries were performed only during a severe case of skin injury. Cosmetic surgery most commonly deals with the restoration of any kind of deformation and defect. Initially this was a remedy to treat burn cases, but now it is a corrective surgery for any defect in the body like de-shaped eyebrows, lips, nose, stretch marks, small breasts and much more. New technological development in cosmetology help’s surgeon performs complex surgeries easily. Cosmetic Surgery in India Cosmetic treatments in India have made huge contribution to cosmetic surgery with new cosmetology technological development. Improvement of body parts is performed since 800 BC in India. Sushruta was the surgeon who made a great contribution in the field plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty in India was performed in year 1794 by Kunharvaidya whose work was published in Gentleman’s Magazine and caught the eye of the westerns. After this discovery a British physician visited India to see the native methods used by Indians and then made improvements to it with the help of technology. Why prefer Shifaa Healthcare for your Cosmetic surgery? Shifaa Healthcare is linked with hospitals and surgeons known for best cosmetic surgery in India. These hospitals are equipped with special Ultrasound equipments required during Cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery helps you achieve the perfect sized figure for your body, to make you look even beautiful. We have a team of surgeons to help you achieve your dream figure along with best cosmetic treatment. According to your requirement and considering your medical history our doctors would provide you the best possible enhancement or reduction. We also try to provide the best low cost cosmetic surgery with quality treatment. Our team of surgeons would try to the limits of their capacity to fulfill your requirement. We take care of your diet, exercise and medication you require during bariatric surgery we also ensure to provide complete support in post operative rehabilitation after bariatric surgery.