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Spine and Orthro

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The spine is a combination of multiple vertebrae covering the spinal cord starting from the skull and ending at the lower end of the back. It is a flexible column from the skull to the lower part of back. This cord is flexible because of the disk and the tough ligaments existing between each vertebra. These disk acts as shock ups for the spine. The spine provides the erect posture to our back and supports us to stand straight. The main function of spine is to provide structural support to spine and protection to the spinal cord. The spine consists of four segments the cervical spine, the thoracic spin, the lumbar spine and the sacral spine. The spinal nerves originate from the spinal cord. These nerves spread through entire body and are responsible for providing sensory input, transfer of messages from brain to all parts of body and all parts of body to brain. As these messages are transferred we get the feeling of various sensations in our body.