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IVF Treatment / Assisted Reproduction

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IVF Treatment is a combination of nature and science introduced to help couples trying to have a child but for some reasoned are not able to conceive. The state of a couple unable to reproduce is called as infertility. This can be the end result of many reasons or a combination of many reasons. The reason for infertility in man can be low sperm count, poor sperm quality and anatomical problem. There can be some more reasons like hormonal imbalance, sudden shock, injury to genital organ, excessive stress and many more. The reasons for infertility in female can be fallopian tube damage, hormonal causes and pre mature menopause. Some other reasons can be injury to ovaries, uterus incapable of holding the embryo and the list goes on. IVF Treatment in India is intended to solve these problems and help such couple have a baby. This is known as ‘Assisted Reproduction’ or IVF that is ‘In Vitro Fertilization’.

    Treatments covered under IVF Treatment / Assisted Reproduction