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Initiatives by Indian Government to Promote Medical Tourism in India

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Medical tourism is a term that defines the rapidly growing trend of crossing international borders to avail healthcare facilities. Indian government efforts to promote medical tourism started in 2002. This is a very rapidly growing trend as the people are getting health conscious day by day. The combination of healthcare facilities, the skills of doctors and the cost of treatment make this trend more popular in India. On an avarage the cost difference in treatment in India and other countries is 10 to 40%. The doctors and surgeons have received training or have worked with the healthcare institutes in US, Europe or other developed nations. The Indian nurses are well known all over the world for the expertise in their work. Even the budget conscious people can afford treatment and avail the facilities available.

As discussed previously this is a very fast and rapidly growing field and also a very good source of income. In order to promote medical tourism in India and spread the awareness road shows are organized time to time. The Ministry of medical tourism of India has affiliated 45 hospital to take care of medical tourist. Chennai is known as the hub of medical tourism in India. The other way of promoting medical tourism is preparing brochure, small introductory program cd’s and other advertising material. Indian government has made the provision for visa on arrival for the tourist arriving India for treatment.

Indian government has also started giving affiliation for the companies working in healthcare companies. The emerging industries of healthcare have generated the source of income along with the generation of forge currency. The person willing to establish the business in the sector needs to only register the name of company and domain he wishes to work. In the year 2005 the number of tourist visited to India for treated was 150000, healthcare industry expects to progress by 20% every year.