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India rank among top 5 medical tourism countries

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India is now emerging as the favorite medical destination for medical tourist. As the diseases and germs are getting more powerful day by day doctors also need to work on the new ways of treating these diseases. In the past decade many countries are have emerged with the concept of medical tourism. The major reason for the emergence of this concept was the need of good quality treatment in affordable price. Today the developing countries have all the medical facilities that the developed countries avail. Therefore the people from all over the globe travel to the developed countries for treatments suiting their budget.

The doctors have developed the skills that can match the level of the doctors in developed countries. The technological advancement in the developed countries is now adopted by the doctors in the developing countries. These equipments support doctors to treat patients with all the skills proportionate to the skills in the developed countries. As the other reason for the difference in treatment cost could be the low cost of living in these countries. This is a well known fact that, the cost of living in developing countries is less if compared with the developing countries. This is the major aspect where the patient is benefited with the difference amount.

The other aspect that makes patients to cross borders for treatment is the lack of medical facilities in the under developed countries. This is another important reason that could compel people to cross the country borders for treatment. The medical facilities available in the underdeveloped countries are very high in cost or are totally not available.