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Medical Tourism

Shifaa Healthcare

Medical tourism can be defined as travelling to any country for medical treatment. The increase in concern of health has forced the human crowd to move from one county to other for treatment. In today’s fast life as far as medical treatment is concerned affordability, doctor’s skills and quality of treatment matters a lot. Therefore India is the favorite medical destination for tourist. The treatment cost in India is cheaper than any other country. The major reason for this cost difference is the living cost in India. Now Indian healthcare industry is developing rapidly day by day and becoming a medical hub globally. All treatments are available at a very low cost and trying to accommodate all the international patients in need.

India is receiving patients from the entire globe. India is well known for its rich cultural heritage. The same love and care can be observed in these treatments given by the doctors in India. The doctors are qualified and skilled enough to make the patients health normal. Patients also require some personalized services required during or after treatment.

As the doctors symbol suggests victory of peace over evil. The wings represent the peace, as the wings of the dove bird present peace. The rod represents human and the snake represents evil. The doctor also fights the evil diseases and the bring peace to patient. They support their patients in every possible way and win the disease by curing it. The medical tourist’s from all over the globe come to India to search peace in form of the cure of their disease.

The other reason for traveling to different country for treatment could be, some treatments are banned in some countries. Like IVF/assisted reproduction is a legal issue in UK. Any couple trying to opt for IVF treatment needs to get lots of permissions from government. To avoid these complications people fly to India for treatment. This can be considered as one of the important reason for increase in medical tourist.

The company, through which the patient arrives India for treatment is responsible for making all the required arrangements. All the arrangements are made in advance for patient and one person accompanying the patient. Arrangements include:

  1. Sending a visa invitation letter to make visa approval by government easy and fast.
  2. Pick and drop facility for patient from airport to hotel, hotel to hospital, hospital to hotel and hotel to airport.
  3. Making the provision for the patient’s stay.
  4. Booking the appointment for patient with doctor before the patient’s arrival.
  5. Fooding facility is also provided by the company.