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The ability to help someone or do anything on someone’s behalf is called service. At Shifaa Healthcare Consultants we resolve your problem of going to each doctor and getting quotation for treatment and advice you to avail the best option for you. Be at your place send us your medical documents and we will find the best doctor for you and in your budget. We have the best health care services with low cost surgeries and treatments. We also have the facility for emergency care services required during any critical treatment. We also have a tie up with best hospitals in India to help your choice.

Medical Query

Medical query is the medical history of the patient. This is a very important aspect considered while treatment. This study helps doctors to understand the physical and mental status of the patient. Study of medical documents also supports the doctors to understand about the elegies of patient so that they would not advice any such medicine which is not good for patient.

Expert Panel

Expert Panel is a team of doctors. We have a specialist for almost every medical stream. The medical query is forwarded to this team and after the discussion and study the path of treatment is decided by doctors. This would be beneficial for the patient to get the best treatment.

Specialized Packages

After receiving the cost of treatment form the doctors we prepare the quotation for patient including all the expenses like stay, food and other thinks required. We prepare three to four options for patient. These options vary in cost because of the city chosen for treatment. We have tie up’s with tire one and tire two cities. Tire one city includes all the metropolitan cities in India. On the other hand tire two cities are the other developed cities in India. The difference in cost is due to the difference of rate in healthcare facilities, Living standard and population of particular each city.

Visa Assistance

This is a facility available for the tourists who are willing to take treatment in India. This is a letter that contains following details:

  1. Name of Patient
  2. Name of referring Doctor / Hospital
  3. Contact details of signatory and confirmation from the hospital or doctor
  4. Info about the patients receiving, immigration formalities, departures of the patient and attendants details.
All these details help the patient to get visa faster. And "Visa On Arrival" is in progress in India.

Pick-up & Drop

The pick-up and drop facility is provided free from our end. We do believe in providing the best possible treatment for our patient.


In case of surgeries or long term treatment we also provide the lodging facility for our client so that you need not to worry about anything. We do understand the mental status of the patient and the close once when they are coming for treatment. We make provision for the entire things required for the patient.


We provide the most suitable options for the patient. Hospital is chosen by the patient before arrival. In some cases patient needs to stay in hospital prior to surgery and post surgery. We also inform these details to patient in advance. We do take care of our patient in hospital also, so that patient does not face any problem during his complete treatment tour.

Emergency Care

This is a system for the patients having some savior problems. In these critical cases patient needs to be taken care from his or her arrival. Is any extra care is required for the patient we do help patient doing so.

Postoperative Growth

Our work does not complete after the patients departure. We are in contact with the patient even after the surgery to support the patient and help patient recover faster. Our team will take regular feedbacks about the patient’s health and the progress of recovery.


In India it is said “Atithi devo bhava” ( अतिथि देवो भव: ). In India we believe in the tradition of treating guests as God and keeping this in mind we ensure best hospitality to our clients for their comfortable stay in India.