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IVF Treatment / Assisted Reproduction

IVF Treatment is a combination of nature and science introduced to help couples trying to have a child but for some reasoned are not able to conceive. The state of a couple unable to reproduce is called as infertility. This can be the end result of many reasons or a combination of many reasons. The ...

IVF Treatment / Assisted Reproduction| Shifaa Healthcare

Cosmetic Surgery

Previously aesthetics were not given the importances that are given today. The figure conscious population made cosmetic surgery a very well-known phenomenon. Nowadays, the greed of perfect body makes people to get under knife to achieve the perfect pout unlike in older days when such surgeries were...

Cosmetic Surgery| Shifaa Healthcare

Spine and Orthro

The spine is a combination of multiple vertebrae covering the spinal cord starting from the skull and ending at the lower end of the back. It is a flexible column from the skull to the lower part of back. This cord is flexible because of the disk and the tough ligaments existing between each vertebr...

Spine and Orthro| Shifaa Healthcare

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment in India rely on four pillars for its ways of treatment they are massage therapy, herbal medicines, yoga and meditation. The Ayurvedic massage therapy is a gift of the Indian medical system known as Ayurveda. Surgeries are also a part of treatment in Ayurveda. Maharshi Ved Vyas w...

Ayurvedic Treatment| Shifaa Healthcare

Cardiology / Cardiac Surgery

Cardiology is a science that deals with diseases or problems concerned to heart. Heart is a complicated organ of our body as it is responsible for blood transmission to entire body including brain. As this is a complicated organ and also an important component of our body, the treatments concerned w...

Cardiology / Cardiac Surgery| Shifaa Healthcare

Neurology / Brain Surgery

The term ‘Brain Surgery’ refers to various medical procedure that involves repairing of any problems with brain. Brain surgery is a way of treatment to cure problem in brain and nearby area. Surgeon would make a surgical cut on the scalp to reach the problem area. Cut can defer form person to person...

Neurology / Brain Surgery| Shifaa Healthcare


Are you aware of the term Oncology? Oncology is a medical science that deals with cancer. The specialist dealing with this branch of medical science is known as Oncologist. Now the question arises what is a cancer? Cancer can be classified as the abnormal growth of cells in body. Symptoms of cancer...

Oncology| Shifaa Healthcare

Stem Cell Transplantation

Latest advancement in the field of science and medical treatments has been the introduction of Stem Cell Therapy. This is a therapy in which the adult cells are harvested from the person’s body and transplanted to the damaged part. The stem cells are fast growing cells and have the ability to cure a...

Stem Cell Transplantation| Shifaa Healthcare


We at Shifaa Healthcare Consultants truly believe and understand that the patient is very concerned with the treatment and has a number of questions to be answered before he/she embarks upon his/her journey for medical tourism in India. Such as – what is medical tourism all about, why is India a hub of medical tourism. How much will the surgery cost to me in India, where can I go to find the best facility for transplant surgery, etc. Shifaa Healthcare Consultants has tried to elaborate all such frequently asked questions by our clients for medical treatment overseas. Please feel free to ask more questions that you may have.

Which is the most popular area/city for medical surgeries/treatment in India?

Ans: Shifaa Healthcare Consultants has many clients coming to all across India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai as these are the biggest metropolitans or else you can say hub cities in India. New Delhi is common amongst patients from Middle-East and gulf countries.

What are the medical pre- and post-operative care facilities offered by Shifaa Healthcare Consultants?

Shifaa Healthcare Consultants offers a complete set of medical treatment to our International Patients right from our pre-operation preparation evaluation to the minimum 24 hours even after the operation or more. Shifaa Healthcare Consultants is always happy to help and offer any technical or psychological support to our clients as it is a requisitioned time phase for our patients as they are away from home.

What are the surgeries most popular in India?

There are no specific surgeries in India for our International patients:

  • Cosmetic surgery is widely known and accepted in medical tourism such as Breast reduction and lifts, facelift and tummy tuck are being the most common. All these are the higher cost procedures and are often combined together by our clients as a package to save cost.
  • Weight loss/bariatric surgery – Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy are the most popular, especially the bariatric surgery followed by Lap band, gastric bypass, intragastric ballooning.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry such as Crowns and implants
  • Orthopedic such as Knee replacement (Unilateral; Bilateral), Hip replacement (Unilateral; Bilateral), and resurfacing
  • Cardiac/Heart – Heart bypass, valve replacement, heart transplant
  • Neurosurgery – Gamma knife, and other Neurologic procedures (tumors)
  • Spine Surgery – Minimally invasive spine surgeries, Laminectomies, spinal decompression and cervical descectomy

Which metropolitan is hub/destination in India for the complicated surgeries?

All tier I cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and even tier II cities are giving the same quality of work in healthcare in medical tourism in India.

What is offered by India over other surgical destinations?

India is booming in World-Class Healthcare Services due to highly skilled doctors and accreditation of facilities and many other reasons: India is a destination that combines world-class medical services at very low costs wherein the patient can save the cost around 60-80% as compared to private healthcare in USA, UK.

As India has been ruled out by British so English has been considered as the second official language. English is well known and widely spoken/understood by the medical staff and people at large so it is very easy to get around.

Do we have a adequately qualified panel of experts?

Shifaa Healthcare Consultants has chosen only to collaborate with eminent panel of experts in their respective fields. We are associated with the surgeons those who are only qualified, certified, and registered specialist.

Are registered with the Indian Medical Council or a member of a specialist association, thus they are adhering to the ethical codes of conduct as laid down by the council/association? Will the patient not compromise quality for the better price Shifaa Healthcare Consultants offer?

Shifaa Healthcare Consultants is being the leading Medical Tourism facilitator with the quality of skilled expertise and International accredited services that we offer is the best in the industry – because of many reasons

  • Low cost/affordability of the surgery (cost driven)
  • Qualified surgeons, doctors, nursing staffs, subsidiary by government to private healthcare sectors are more as compared to other countries.
  • Moreover, an exchange rate regime which is favorable to India (Indicative rates only, may differ accordingly)
  • 1 USD = 60 India rupees

    1 GBP = 100 Indian rupees

    1 Euro = 85 Indian rupees

How will the patient’s concerns and fears of availing medical surgery in a foreign country be addressed?

We do understand the concerns and apprehension when any patient is choosing to avail the surgery in a foreign country. We strongly urge everyone to ask certain questions that concern them most and then only finalize your decision once you are satisfied with the answers specifically. We at Shifaa Healthcare Consultants extend patient’s knowledge to give the best details for an unbiased journey and always try to provide the patient with the relevant information to keep him/her posted to the best of our knowledge and experience.

What are the standards of medical facilities fully equipped to deal with the procedure at Shifaa Healthcare Consultants?

  • Shifaa Healthcare Consultants has chosen to empanel and offers operations and procedures at only selected Medical facilities in India where certain parameters which are critical to ensure the quality of services: These are,
  • Medical facility is certified in line with the industry standards and practice, fully equipped ICU and 24×7 hours nursing facility.
  • JCI accridated facilities for procedures – all are done in fully equipped operating rooms with the necessary equipments and qualified staffs

Patients are kept under observation for minimum 24 hours post surgery, extension of stay period will be depending upon the procedure performed.All the requirements are provided to our International Patient like cellphone for calling, Internet facility, teleconferencing, etc.

How will the patient be taken care of after the treatment?

The patient will be in the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours post the operation (especially for in-patient cases) and the extension of staying of the patient may be depending upon the procedure performed.

The patient will be transferred to a recuperation accommodated facility, which on the patient’s choice can be a serviced apartment will full facilities in a complete home environment.

We visit the patient daily during his/her stay ensuring that all the patient’s personal and after-treatment needs are addressed.

How will the patient be handled after the treatment?

The patient is needed to stay in the town of surgery for a stipulated time depending on the recuperative procedure, thus to ensure that the patient is on the correct healing path.

We urge the patient to keep in touch with us once he/she returns to home, as your continued healing process is important to us. We use email in an effective manner for feedback and followup system.

In an unfortunate situation of any complication that might arise, we will evaluate the situation and will be dealing with it accordingly. In any unlikely event of any further surgery or complication, a return visit maybe necessary.

I am travelling alone. What if something goes incorrect?

Shifaa Healthcare Consultants is always there for you on a call or Email for any communication. With being in touch by these route to access our support and medical facilities. We arrange every possible things to make your medical tour hasseles free.

What insurance cover options the patient has?

Certain elective surgery or any other possible medical complication after having the elective surgery is not covered by any of the insurer worldwide.

For any specific or other medical procedures, we will advise the patient to get an authorization from the patient’s medical insurance provider before traveling to India. W shall be glad to forward you the special medical codes or any other necessary documents. We would request you to note down your case reference.

We use only those surgeons who have adequate medical insurance and the necessary malpractice cover in order to operate on our International medical patients from around the world.

Is the blood transfusion safe and what about HIV/AIDS?

We appreciate your concerns for HIV/AIDS, please allow to inform you that additional precautions are taken for blood transfusion. So at this juncture, we can assure you that all blood we used at the medical facility are tested as per the International standard.

Why should the patient needs to travel with Shifaa Healthcare Consultants when it might be cheaper to do it by my own?

Shifaa Healthcare Consultants offers you the range of services right from the point you make your enquiry until you return to your home country even postop treatment.

  • We plan the patient’s surgery and all the necessary requirements including the Medical Visa Invitation Letter, appointment with the surgeon, zero-waiting que, and pre-evaluation medical tests, and lodging after the treatment.
  • We handle patient’s booking, arrange the face to face conversation/consultation, appointment for the surgery (pre- and postoperative), and all the concierge services as part of the facilitation.
  • Once you back to home, we encourage the patient to keep in touch for better results and restrain from the other complications to enhance the progress.

What are the things which patients need to know about India before the patient plans his/her travel?

Yes, there are some important things which the patient needs to know:

  • VISA Procurement:

    A valid visa is needed before entering India that can be obtained at the Indian Embassy in your country. The patient/attendant can obtain either a tourist or medical visa to enter India. We facilitate the patient to obtain Medical Visa by sending them Medical Visa Invitation Letter on behalf the treating doctor or the facility denoting the porpose of the visit.

  • Seasonal Weather:

    India ranks 7th in area wise so considered as one of the biggest countries in the world and different parts of the country experiences different weather, culture and season. The North India is extremely temperature while the west and south India is lower. You must know which part of the country you visiting and what type of temperature and season is there.

  • Attire:

    Indians are modern in technology but a bit conservative when it comes to their attire. So if the patient and the attendant too are women then it is advisable to wear long skirt or long pants. All mini wearing should be avoided.

  • Food:

    Indian foods and tastes are different from the rest of the world. Being the taste is different, the food is cooked differently. Even the smell and taste varies differently in different different parts due to the culture and heritage. The one thing is common in Indian food and that is spices as Indian foods are a bit spicy as compared to rest of the world. North Indian food is spicy while south Indian food is generously. It should be noted that spices are good as they are used in food due to their some nutritional and medicinal purposes.

  • Living cost/Money:

    India is very inexpensive compared to the western and developed countries. A bid difference is there in exchanging rate of the currency. India is paradise for shoppers. You will get many articles which are fine enough to make your journey memorable such as handcrafts items, platters. It is easy to exchange money and credit cards are widely accepted in almost every part of the country.